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HYLETE’s circuit training program is designed for a lifestyle of functional fitness that strives to maximize its effectiveness through a combination of endurance, strength, and cardio circuits while minimizing the time commitment required. Energy and effort must be put into the program to achieve the results, but the goal is to make the time spent as efficient as possible.

The primary goal of functional fitness is to facilitate a healthier, happier life. So, for that reason, we have created the following axiums that are applied to the daily circuit:

  • create camaraderie
  • minimize the risk of injury
  • focus on basic movements that emulate real-life situations and/or facilitate real-life needs

The HYLETE Daily Circuit is designed to be executed at 80-90% of max output so that participation in other athletic and/or fitness endeavors can be intermixed and enjoyed, and NOT be impeded due to excessive soreness or injury.

The Daily Circuit app, since its launch in mid April, has over 14,000 downloads and over 6,000 monthly users.

The Daily Circuit app is a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Most gyms will have these pieces of equipment readily available, and when not, other items can be substituted to complete the circuits.
Each Daily Circuit movement consists of a series of movements, where a movement is simply an exercise that has a defined set of standards and reps. When you complete each defined movement (typically there will be 6 per Daily Circuit) you have completed one loop of the circuit. Each circuit has an allocated time period, and the goal is to complete as many loops as possible.

The equipment required for the HYLETE Daily Circuit includes:

  • abdominal mat
  • barbell
  • bumper plates
  • jump rope
  • kettlebells
  • plyobox
  • pull up bar
  • rings
  • running/walk space
  • wallballs