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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Daily Circuit, the app itself, or just need more information? Please use the forum below to post questions or comments. Please Note: All entries will be moderated so they may not post right away.

Why was the Daily Circuit created?

The HYLETE Daily Circuit is designed to assist in creating a functional fitness lifestyle through a combination of endurance, strength, and cardio circuits while minimizing the time commitment required. The primary goal of functional fitness is to facilitate a healthier, happier life. The secondary goal is to enhance other fitness endeavors by executing the Daily Circuit at 80-90% max output so that participation in those other endeavors can be enjoyed and not impeded due to excessive soreness or injury.

How do I download the Daily Circuit app?

The HYLETE Daily Circuit app is available for free to download on all iOS and Android devices. Simply go to the Apple iTunes store or GooglePlay to download the app.

How long does the Daily Circuit take to complete?

The typical HYLETE Daily Circuit follows the same time allotment:

  • warm up: approximately 15 minutes
  • circuit time: 20 minutes
  • bonus terminal: 1 – 5 minutes
  • cool down: 5 minutes
  • total time: approximately 45 minutes

Although we recommend completing the entire circuit, if you feel pressed for time or feel fatigued, the bonus terminal can be skipped.

How many movements are in each Daily Circuit?

A typical Circuit consists of 6 movements. A movement is simply an exercise that has a defined set of standards and reps. When you have completed each defined movement, you have completed one loop of the circuit. Each circuit has an allocated time period, and the goal is to complete as many loops as possible.

What is the difference between a modified movement and a substitute movement?

What equipment is needed to perform the HYLETE Daily Circuit?

The equipment required to perform the HYLETE Daily Circuit includes:

  • abdominal mat
  • barbell
  • bumper plates
  • jump rope
  • kettlebells
  • plyobox
  • pull up bar
  • rings
  • running/walking space
  • wallballs

Most gyms will have these pieces of equipment readily available, and when not, other items can be substituted to complete the circuits.

How do I access my profile?

When you download the HYLETE Daily Circuit app, you will register your account and be taken to your profile to fill out all of your information.

To access your profile from thereon, you have 2 options:

  • click the icon on the bottom of the app that looks like 3 steps going upwards
  • click the icon on the bottom of the app of three small circles; this icon also displays information about the app, terms of use, how to contact us, as well as shopping on HYLETE.com via the Daily Circuit app.

How do I access the leaderboard?

Once in the app, you can access the leaderboard by tapping on the “medal” icon at the bottom of the screen. From there you can see the “total rep” leaderboard, which contains everyone’s reps to date.

There are also leaderboards for the circuit challenges for charity. If you choose to participate in any of those circuit challenges, you can find your score by clicking on the respective challenge.

Can I complete older circuits that I missed?

Absolutely. Once a circuit is live on the Daily Circuit app, you can scroll to find the date of the circuit you missed, tap that circuit, and complete it as you would normally.

Can I repeat a Circuit I have already completed?

Of course. If you’re looking to do better, get in more reps, or just really like a particular Daily Circuit, you can definitely complete it again. Just tap on the circuit you wish to repeat, and under your previous score, tap “do over again”. All reps will be counted towards your current score, which you can see on the leaderboard.

What do the fitness levels in my profile and Daily Circuit mean?

There are 5 fitness levels to choose from when setting up your profile and completing the Daily Circuits. To get a better idea of where you’re at, here is a short guide to choosing your fitness level:

  • Level 1 – newbie: you are new to fitness, or have been out of the game for a while. You may not have great range of motion yet, and maybe experience pain at times throughout your body. Fixing these problems through changing your fitness routine can help you to improve and allow you to jump up to higher levels.
  • Level 2 – beginner: You’re not a competitive athlete, but you’re a relatively fit person who can tackle whatever you want to do in your daily life. Your body can take on the challenge of learning a new physical activity, and you know how to create power and stability. You have a generally full range of motion and can complete a workout with limited or no modifications. You are a regular exerciser looking for a little extra push.
  • Level 3 – intermediate: You are physically fit and enjoy setting challenging new goals. You are looking for a more intense workout with more difficult strength moves.
  • Level 4 – advanced: You have enjoyed several years of smart consistent training, and are very advanced compared to the general population. You have endurance to complete tough workouts, and understand proper technique and injury prevention.
  • Level 5 – pro: You are in peak physical condition and enjoy pushing yourself to new limits in your workouts.

We recommend starting at Level 1 if it is your first time completing the circuit, just to get a feel for the workout and its intensity. If you are looking to complete more loops incorporating more cardio and less weight training, try going down a level from what you typically do. If you’re looking to do more strength training at a slower, heavier pace, go up a level and utilize heavier weights.

What do I do if I get an error message?

Make sure that you have the latest version of the Daily Circuit app downloaded to your Apple or Android device. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you are still having trouble, try logging out, and then logging back in. Still seeing an error? Please contact us at customerservice@hylete.com so we can help.